Euphoric Memories Pack

He makes trance I think

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This pack will definitely help me finish Part 3. Let’s gooooo

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I bet you could use them quite well for some really sick stuff in your upcoming music

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I haven’t tried using the pack yet, but you can already get that acid-trance vibe (squelchy sounding). Use Bee, set the tone and shape to it’s max, then modulate the lowpass

The Azid instrument is like Bee on steroids. I’ve already done that stuff and it’s nowhere near as thicc or juicy as the new one we got. Super excited.

Have you at least created another Bee to create stereo bee?

I’ve never done a stereo bee, might look into that. As I mentioned, Azid is thicc.

Alright that is pretty thicc. Still, I am glad we got a new squelch sound. Azid is pretty rad.

Average rating of 78% after 30 votes. That’s a pretty positive score.


Agreed. This pack was very high quality.

I’m glad that the devs have seen the benefit of producer packs and are returning with some of them. I don’t mind the original packs they made at all, in fact Game Waves and Disturbing Leads were arguably the best packs to be released this year (@Fredrik you knocked it out of the park on Game Waves especially). However, for variety in sound these packs cannot be beaten, and that’s what counts.

New soundpacc
Old produc
Is bacc




I don’t really like it…


Its alright, but itd be awesome if these packs were a lot bigger than 15 or so sounds.


Just started to look at it, thanks!

I’ll definitely be using it for a lot of my music, riff is pretty nice

Claw is juicy!

Finally… got a soundpack that I’ve been waiting for

Very very pleased