Euphoric Memories Pack

2 x basses.

  • Claw
  • Tense

8 x Leads.

  • 8080
  • Azid
  • Blanket
  • Nerve
  • Pick
  • Riff
  • Solar
  • Wire

How much do you like this pack?
1 = Don’t like it.
10 = Frik’n love it

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  • 2
  • 3
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What’re your guys thoughts on the new soundpack? Any uses for it that jump out at you?

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Absolutely love it it’s the best one yet


Not a big fan of it, only a couple sounds that I might use. I’m not a trance producer or for that matter anything near trance, so it makes sense that I don’t like it.

I like the clicky sound of Pick, I could definitely use that, and Solar also sounds pretty nice (not sure how I’d use it tho). Some of the other sounds are good for chord.

I think this pack supplies some good upbeat sounds, I think the house and future bass producers here would like it, but nothing I’m into for my current ‘phase.’

That being said I voted 3, because that’s how much it means to me. If I were eating for how useful it is to be community as a whole I’d say 7.

I personally think it’s just okay. Some sounds are useful, the plucks and chords can work with them, others aren’t for me.

So I’ll give it a 6/10, because even if they’re all not useful, some sound very nice regardless!

For me, as someone who’s always been fascinated with trance, I think I’m gonna find uses for these sounds (if not for their intended genre then for synthwave :wink:). One thing: I don’t think the demo project accurately showcases the sounds in its last few scenes.


I’m giving an 8. People like @StatusRed would love this. It would work perfect in EBM / Future Pop production. I’m sure I’ll find some uses for it, especially filtering the :poop: out of everything. Sounds is sounds, I’ve no complaints.


When I saw the notification and read it I lost my mind. This is so amazing for me! Something I’ve wanted for ages. Now I just need some plucks and I’m set!!! This is perfect because I’m working on trance right now


They have a true squelchy acid sound. I am satisfied.

I still don’t understand what makes trance music trance though, this feels like progressive house minus the kick, which apparently is pretty trance-like.


breathes heavily


I love it

The intro of the demo made me think of you :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a really good pack!

I was already working on trance, and this has pushed it even further for me. There will be lots of trance coming soon.

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I still refer to the Golden Age of Trance. Wikipedia states that arpeggios is one of key features of Trance, not to mention soft and simple piano breakdowns will also make a trance song sound more “professional”

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I don’t make trance, but some of these sounds are :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


I love these sounds so much, but I never make trance, however I could see myself using riff, pick, or claw

Claw is a great synthwave Bass! And 8080 is so sweet

im confuse

I love Solar and Claw