Euphoric Drums - Thoughts?



here we are again with a new drum pack…
imo this one is a bit skimpy, and has some pretty unoriginal content, since i can probably find duplicates in Dusty Trip Hop or Leviathan…

good reverby claps tho


It’s still nice to have a new pack, even if it isn’t that great


Hoping the petite ness of this pack is due to nice juicy features coming soon. I’d much rather the time be spent there!




These are perfect for Dance music!


Nothing really new in there :confused:


I think they’re neat, but there’s very little in it. Doesn’t add a whole lot of value. It’s got like 40 or so sounds? Like others have said, fairly neat pack, but hope it’s small due to other features coming along.


I’m pretty sure it’s not an actual pack, it’s just a drum add-on to Euphoric memories. The notification is worded differently from every other pack release ever, and it doesn’t come with a demo project.


That would make more sense.

do you think we’ll get something else in January


yes my guy :wink: