Eswyn’s (Unofficial) BTC Vol. 01

Hello everyone! In lieu of the recent BTC thread, I’ve decided to host an unofficial Beat the Clock to see how it goes. Depending on how many entries I get, I may be looking for someone to help host it in the following weeks. Also, if this ends up being a success, I may end up changing the title to something original. I’m excited to see how this goes.

Everyone is welcome to participate! In order to enter, post your track on SoundCloud and add the tag #EswynBTC01, as well as posting a link in this thread! For this first one I’ll be a bit more lenient as I figure out what system for submissions is most efficient. The Deadline is November 2nd around 12:00pm (Noon) CDT. I’m going to be loose with this, just have it submitted by around then.

This week’s challenge:

  • Create a track that is under 1 minute 30 second (not counting reverb tails and delay tails)
  • The main focus of the track should be a lead solo that is at least 16 bars long
  • The solo should be complex and interesting, but fitting to the style of the track
  • The catch? No drums or samples. This means no Auxy samples and no Imported samples, regardless of whether or not they are melodic. Only melodic instruments.

The tracks will be blindly graded on 4 categories: Accuracy, Composition, Mixing, and Character

  • Accuracy is based on the track’s adherence to the challenge rules
  • Composition is based on the actual execution of musical and compositional techniques
  • Mixing is based on how the track sounds overall, choice of sounds, balanced volumes, progression of the track, etc. (I can explain more if necessary)
  • Character is based on the expression of the track. It shouldn’t sound bland and boring, it should sound unique and interesting. Use interesting sound design, give the track ‘your sound’, make it unique to you, don’t worry about what other people are submitting!

I’m going to work on the grading system to see what works best. For now, just do your best to adhere to the challenge rules, create a unique and interesting track, be creative, and have fun! Don’t take this too seriously, it’ll be a lot more enjoyable.

Good luck everyone!


Although this sounds like a really hard challenge (I make Drum and Bass), I’m definitely in!


So, not a single drum kit at all? That’ll be interesting…

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Indeed… I’m curious to see what you come up with.

Can i put a # tag in mobile soundcloud app too?

The easiest way to edit tags is either on PC or using the SoundCloud Pulse app :slight_smile:

Or you could go to the main soundcloud website and hold the refresh arrow down and press “change web layout” or something and then you have the pc features and stuff but you are on your phone. ( I hope that this make sense)

Ok thanks

Can we use the melodic sounds to make our own percussion, like using Riff as a snare and Tiny as a hi hat pattern?

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@VJM The original intent was for the challenge to be no percussion, but I never said anything about using melodic sounds as percussion. If you think you can pull it off and still have it sound good I’m all up for creative loopholes. Go ahead if you’d like. :wink:

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Sweet :+1:t2:

About 2 days left!

Don’t forget to post your links in this thread. might not be very good but I tried my best. I had a go at changing one of my old tracks for this challenge

I’m sorry due to school and other projects can’t I submit a track

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all my songs are like one or two notes and a bunch of drums. this should be interesting to try out just for fun.
Edit: nvm its past the due date lmao

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Are we still allowed to submit since there’s only one track?
If so, then here’s my track:

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Since I’ve only gotten a few entries, I plan to extend the deadline to November 9th. Thanks to everyone who is participating! :slight_smile:



Oh thanks for letting me know : D

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I may hop in on this. Can we use a silent kick drum just to manipulate ducker patterns?

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