Eswyn’s Day and Some Inspiration - Day 2

Since the last one only got one entry, I’m going to try this again. Pretty much, you have a loose 24 hours to write any length song that you feel represents or fits the inspiration I give. If you want the full description go check out the last one. Let’s get right to it. Today’s inspiration is:

“Welcome to Watercrest.”

Up for any interpretation. I might also explain what I was thinking when I came up with the inspiration after the 24 hours is up. I’ll choose my favorite(s) and whatever I think fits the inspiration best in 24 or so hours. Upload to SoundCloud under the name “EDSI-002: [Song Name] - [Your Name]”.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
(EDSI stands for Eswyn’s Day and Some Inspiration)

Not my entry but I think @TXA was inspired by the water. Crest you said. Haha doesn’t it sound like it would fit?

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Just something so you felt like someone was listening…

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Both yours and Voltt’s are really cool! :smiley:

Thanks Eswyn!