Eswyn’s Day and Some Inspiration - Day 1

So I had an I idea for a mini 1 day challenge series. Pretty much, you have 24 hours (or so, I’m gonna keep it pretty loose) to make a track based on the inspiration I provide that day. It can be a picture, a sentence, a prompt, a song, an auxy project, or just about anything. After time is up, I will choose (depending on the total number of entries) one or a few winners. I could possibly do small prizes such as a repost on SoundCloud or something (I have no idea, if you have any let me know). So, if you all are down for that, I’d like to give you Day 1’s inspiration.

“It’s the rain that brings me peace.”

Up for any interpretation. I’ll choose my favorite(s) and whatever I think fits the inspiration best in 24 or so hours. Upload to SoundCloud under the name “EDSI-001: [Song Name] - [Your Name]”.
(EDSI stands for Eswyn’s Day and Some Inspiration)

Let’s go!

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So I propose using an instrument called Rain :wink:

Mine will be out soon. Here. It’s a little short, but my iPad is on 4% .

Well, since you were the only entry, you won by default! I really liked it too! :smiley:

:0 Tysm :slight_smile: