Eswyn - Observer (mau5trap New Artist Competition Runner Up!)

Hey everyone, Eswyn here! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been active on here, but I wanted to share some exciting news! This October, deadmau5’s record label mau5trap hosted an artist competition, and I challenged myself to produce a track entirely in Auxy as opposed to Ableton Live or FL Studio (I’ve been using both in addition to Auxy for many years) to see how well I’d be able to do.

Well, the announcement came out early December, and it turns out I was a Runner Up! I’m finally allowed to share the track publicly, and I’m super excited for you all to check it out and let me know what you think! It’s featured on the contest page or you can find it directly on my SoundCloud page!

Observer was produced entirely in Auxy, and the latest update that allowed for up to 32 tracks definitely came in handy (it came out while I was working on the track)! Since it was a finalist, it’s very likely that deadmau5 himself listened to it - perhaps the first Auxy track he’s heard? I hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think! Hope you’ve all been well. I look forward to sharing more music with you soon.

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Dude!!! This is sick! Congrats on runner up and the track sounds amazing!

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