Ep name ideas

Hello auxy community,

I will be working on an ep February break (next week) and I need some ideas for the name. Here’s some info about it. There are 5 songs on the ep, one song is finished, and the genre for it is dubstep. Also I’m trying to release at least 3 eps a year.

what does “EP” mean?

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Extended play I think

Ya, it means Extended Play


Basically it means there is more music on it then an original album

im sorry but im still not following … for some reason im not understanding. :cold_sweat:

I don’t mean to be rude but can someone actually suggest something

I don’t know what any of the songs sound like, so that will be hard. I know the genre is dubstep, but you can come up with endless names. Why are you making this EP? What inspired you?

Other way around. EP has usually around 5ish tracks while albums can have 10+

These aren’t set in stone numbers, but just so u kno


Well I don’t know if we can name the ep for you since we don’t know your thought process in creating it/ the tracks. The titles of the tracks or any meaning behind them etc

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that helps a LOT @El1011

My bad!:grin:


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Hey! You didn’t know what it was!

quentiam don’t translate it


Name ideas:
Awesome insane wow the album
insert album name here
Waves #67,893,023,234,83,014
Listen to this
The album of sunshine rainbows and unicorns


Good idea

Are you being sarcastic?

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No I’m not