EOHR - a tribute to Auxy, some personal news, and my full discography

Hi all,

Each post on here becomes fewer and farther between, and I’m aware most of you (as well as myself) are likely only on here for the “Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)” topic. As this post developed into something larger, I realized it might fit more in “Random” than in “Post Your Tracks”.

However, the years that I used Auxy were some of the best of my life, when I was still learning so much about production and I got to explore all sorts of beautiful sonic possibilities, and I’m really proud of the music I made during that time.


This is a playlist of my most representative Auxy work as “eohr”, spanning the many genres of house, future bass (or Auxy bass, as someone famously coined a year ago), and whatever I managed to find in-between.

I really perfected every element of these tracks, and Auxy’s simple interface made that perfection very possible. Listening to these tracks brings me back to freshman, sophomore, and junior year; the real creativity I felt then is unparalleled by anything I can muster at the moment. I hope there is another point in my life where I am given the resources to really push myself and create as impressive final products as I did with this.

Old Auxy tracks such as Kleuren by Conux, Vwoop by @NotMiles, and Changes by @aUstin_Haga hold nostalgia for “simpler times” unparalleled by nearly anything but Danny Rosenfeld’s Minecraft soundtrack (sorry for the pings :flushed:), and I will remember those times and this community very fondly.

To prove that I’m not done doing music stuff:

I recently won a choral music competition held by the King’s Singers, an extremely prestigious group of singers, and my favorite acapella group in the world.

I’m currently finishing up work on an album with my band, “SEDONA”, and we’ve released three singles so far!

I have finished and plan to release my debut album of original songs, as “eli orion”, this spring. Like I’ve said many times, and as I promised, back in ninth grade, to myself and those of you who read my track descriptions, THERE WILL BE AN ALBUM BY SUMMER OF 2021.

And, finally (I think I’ve probably already done this, but…) I want to thank a few people for specifically joining me on my Auxy journey from 2017 until like early 2020:

First, @stereofield, you and Frontier were a huge help in getting my music out there; I’m so glad I got to release the collab called Spectrum with Frontier, and that Discord server was just a fabulous community.

@Mr_Mooo, I cannot emphasize how much I saw you grow over those three-four years. I am amazed at what you’ve accomplished and feel honored to have collaborated with you multiple times.

And, finally, @INDIR3CT, you supported me from the beginning, since you commented that my first good track, Flex, deserved more attention. Seeing that from you, a guy with a couple hundred subscribers at the time, was crazy to me. Since then, we collaborated on two originals and you remixed my track Space, all three of which were awesome experiences. I really appreciate you, man.

I’m not sure how many of you will read through or even skim this beast of a post, but I really wish you all the best, and although I’m moving on, Auxy and the music we all have made will hold a very special place in my heart and memories. That’s all for now.

Peace and love,
Eli Orion Hooker Reese


haha one more thing—if you wanna hear my super really old and bad tracks here is a link to a private playlist on my alt account

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My guy stop it I’m going to cry.

Keep it up and never stop doing what you’re doing. Whatever route that may be. Me, and everyone else here are just here for the ride, we’ll be with you til the end.