Energy - Stigmo [House]

I’m not really comfortable making a thread just for my new track, but apparently that’s how it’s done at the moment.
Enjoy! Feedback is welcome of course.


Amazing as always @Stigmo, fantastic job ^w^

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Melody feels a little too wild, needs a proper sub bass or bass line, melody in the second drop is wayyyyy to wild dude.

Thanks a lot bro! :slight_smile:

Melody is too wild? Could you perhaps elaborate more on that? :grin:
Right, problem is that I used 4 layers of bass for this track, so I don’t really know how to boost that.
I’m still learning of course, I appreciate the feedback.

What I mean by the melody is too wild is that it reaches too much into higher and lower octaves. The melody would be much more catchier and remembered easier if it stayed in a similar octave range. Its okay to go into higher and lower octaves a bit but don’t let it get out of hand.

It’s amazing @Stigmo ! Keep up the good work :smiley:

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Otherwise the song is pretty good.

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Hmm ok. So mainly you mean less layers?
I’ll work on that. Thanks!

Thank you!! :smiley: @HAYVN

Not really less layers, just make sure that the main melody in the drop isnt so wild.

Haha ok. The drop melody has a range from A to E though, so it’s within one octave (just with a lot of layers)

Yeah I guess the layers is my problem. It just sounds like it goes to high to me, idk.

Appreciate the honesty!

Imo wildness is great because otherwise music becomes stale and repetitive. Amazing work man


Yeah I like that as well, that’s why it’s called ‘Energy’ :wink: But people have different tastes in music, and that’s all good.
Thanks again! :facepunch:

Nice to hear something other than future bass lol, amazing work!


Thanks, means a lot! :slight_smile: