Elise Chantelle : Ruby Red (Jinniyah remix) (alt-rnb)

Remix of an original track using the entire vocal and done completely within Auxy. (Except for DA mastering.) I chopped up the vocal stems and imported as samples. :wink:


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This takes quite a bit of patience lol… especially since each vocal cannot exceed 20s. I would say the effort has paid off I really enjoyed this! Very well done

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Cheers. I started off working with hardware samplers way back in the day, so cutting doesn’t bother me. I trimmed everything in AudioShare. The key is to just make sure you are happy with how the vocals are sounding before importing into Auxy. Can’t really do any EQ once they’re in there…

Nice! Then this is actually a better alternative haha

Same here, all cutting up is done in AudioShare. This app has paid for itself ten times over!

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