Elevation - Jax [project]

This is my first full song I’ve made. It’s definitely a work in progress, so any feedback is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this!

Elevation 1.0


Elevation 2.0


Elevation 3.0



I’ll listen to it in a bit.

Dear Artist,

Great job on Elevation! It’s a really solid track.
I don’t have anything negative to point out, just some positive things I admired about this track…

  1. You labeled your scenes, kudos to you for that! It’s something that is extremely helpful to do. And to be honest, I struggle doing it myself, even though it’s a big help and extremely easy to do. It’s a great habit to have, keep it up!
  2. Bass layering. A good amount of Auxy’s sounds are very… “light”. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however sometimes (for me at least) it’s hard to find the exact sound I’m looking for (especially something a bit heavier) I really love how you layered Gravel, Lake, Grit, Pasta, and Player Two. It really helps the track have a more detailed and professional sounding bass.
  3. Fills. Something I personally apriciate is when an artist try’s his/hers best to add small detail to their track. In this track, you had just small bits and pieces that really helped the track flow. The drum and percussion fills, and pitch bends really sounded great!
  4. Great job useing the vintage keys as your main melody. It sounded great!

The only thing I would personally change/add to it is a new Melody loop, you have one really great 4 Bar melody that you use a lot in the transitions, builds, and chorus. Possibly make a slightly new/different melody for the second drop and chorus. That’s pretty much it though!

Fantastic job, can’t wait to hear the completed project. Make sure to post it here on the disco when it’s finished.




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Welcome to the AUXY Disco!


Thank you for you feedback! I will be sure to publish the completed song soon!

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This genre isn’t my strong suit so I’m not sure if My feedback will be helpful. I have more personal preferences than any helpful feedback. The 4th chord you use in the being goes down a couple steps for me. My ear wants to hear that chord a couple steps up. It’s it’s what my ear wants to hear. It’s a pretty good track, nonetheless!
Also, what do you mean by your first full song?

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Thanks for the feedback!
I called it my first “full” song because I have made hundreds of projects where I would write random melodies or chord progressions. This project was my first finished song. I am now going back and editing and adding things in.


I have updated elevation and added a new chord progression at the first chorus to test it out, and I’ve added a new melody.

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Made a new version. Might need help with some of the drops.

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Your new profile picture reminds me of @akabillposters


I really love this song I changed a few instruments and added a tiny bit of drums and the tempo is much faster https://app.auxy.co/projects/bs6dYlRjyhuJfbGtWQ0o0g==

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Ooh! I love the new melody and drums. And the tempo change is really nice too!

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I love the song either way :).

I believe I’ve finished the song, I’ll be posting it soon.

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