Elements of Music (Help)

So I’ve been in this community for about, what, 4 years now? I’ve seen songs come and go, people rise and fall. Some of you guys even helped me make some of the music that I’d say sounds pretty well.

However, I do have a confession. I’m aware that songs have different elements within them. Elements involving repetition, layering, and that sort. I know none of it. All I can say I know is the basic concept of slapping sounds together until it sounds like something I’d like to listen to for a while. Usually, whenever it came to needing elements, I’d post it on here, asking for help on how to continue.

I would, however, like to learn them. From a personal view at least. I don’t learn too well from videos.

Be aware, most music terms and phrases are still unknown to me, so if you are giving info, either try to limit the use of them, or explain what they mean.

Thanks for reading, and thank you if you help out. It means a lot and it helps me become a better musician!


This looks fun to talk about so im just gonna bump some things I tought myself.

(This is more basic creative / artistic tips over the sound mixing stuff.)

I don’t stress on repetitiveness that much anymore cause if you get the chords right you can make a decent progressive illusion. I used to be a complete snob, not allowing myself to use less than 5 notes in a bar. Sometimes the easier it is to play, the more catchy it becomes. The whole track dosen’t need to progress, you could get away with the exact chords or bassline for a whole track, with only subtle changes in the drums and leads. One example is Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc.

Try ambiance, Forests, Thunder, Industrial Areas, Wind, a Vaccuum Cleaner idk… Usually inspires my music. I like being able to picture my music with cartoons, especially from the 2010s-era. And also art pieces from Will Sweeney and Christopher Blackstock.

Fuse your music, if you don’t concentrate on Signature Sounds then try adding fusion to whatever genre you’re going for. Get weird and experimental, industrial-jazz, 8-bit hip-hop, electro-orchestral… even better if you can blend your music with your cultures traditional music, if thats what you’d like to try. There’s that sense of belonging to your music that no one else can replicate.

For creative blocks, you know when you made something you like, but you feel like it sounds flat / dead / somethings missing? Take a good weeks break, or however long you need, try something new, don’t waste it. I get pressured from other peoples work easily, i’m not going to pretend that I don’t, so I only really listen when I know i’m not working on anything, or my art direction would screw up. What I wouldn’t do is to take a break and just rest, it ruins my work momentum, but thats up to you really.
Eventually you’ll realise that you’re just 1 octave away from perfecting the song.

I like to make lots and lots of different versions of a single track, instead of concentrating on perfecting one. Theres nothing wrong with releasing the same song twice, in variation, or elements from a previous song. Some might disagree though.

I do need advice myself on how to keep a track longer than a minute without losing my attention span lol. I’m a 110 bpmer, so my attention span isnt the worst, but I tend to skip songs longer than 4 minutes.

Thats my 2 cents for now. I hope it helps those who like reading stuff. Theres over 7 billion people in the world, someone somewhere loves your music, so keep composing. :))