Elegance - Ben Vacca

My new song Elegance is out!
hope you all like it!

It’s a promising track, but I think it suffers from having the lead (‘Cluster’?) present throughout the entire track.

By having the lead instrument going from start to finish, the energy doesn’t feel like it’s changing as much as it perhaps should. This might lead listeners to lose interest earlier, as there’s no new feeling between sections.

Consider dropping out the lead for some sections. That way it can fresh again when you reintroduce it later.

e.g. Consider dropping a lead completely from 1’36"–1’51", and replacing Cluster with another lead from 1’51"–2’24". Then, at 2’24", you can bring Cluster back in with the main lead refrain.

You could also consider where swapping Cluster for another lead might help refresh the energy, rather than having Cluster carry the lead for the entire track.

Use Cluster as your main lead, for the main lead melody, and consider adding a second lead to carry lead duties in some other parts.

And, don’t forget to consider where you can drop the lead completely.

Fwiw, a track waveform that looks fairly constant — a bit like a sausage — without real variation in dynamics, can point to a lack of changes. Those changes help keep the track interesting to listeners.

Take a look back at the waveforms of your previous tracks and compare them to the waveform for Elegance. It’s not to say that all tracks waveforms should look the same, but when there’s a lack of variation, it might point to other issues.

HTH :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback😄 I really appreciate it