Electronic / Melodic track - Noto [Collab?]


You friggin beast😈 you are like an arcade god


Thank you!! There’s still some changes I wanted to make on the end solo and the it just needs to be mastered but you can change what you want in it


I’m down




This track is going to be on my upcoming album, but it’s still in the works, lmk if you would like to use it for this thread


I got you homie​:fire::fire: you are doing more than I am, so ft me in it​:pray:t4::pray:t4: I’m gonna add some edits than send it to you


Yeah do what ever you want


Of course I’m gonna feature you. It would be a jerk move to not because you’ve done a lot in this song


Hey if you want I did some more touches on the project


Who knew you and native would make such a great combo


Oh thanks!


Hey dude, not to sound too pushy but did you get what you were working on done




Try not to spam


I’m sorry for late response!! The way you did it was perfect. I can probably mix and master it, but from what I see, you’ve completed this​:pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: It’s pretty lit


I think it could benefit from a little mix and mastering. Once that’s done, all that needs to be done is a song title and cover


I’m sorry about all the messages, I’ve just had a lot of people ditch projects and I’m really invested in this song.


I feel you… I’m sorry. I got caught up with work. Had to make a little money if you know what I mean. What’s good though bro? How are you?


Ohh good. Sorry sorry, didn’t get me a notification. Don’t feel bad, I totally get it


Is the track the track still going