Electronic / Melodic track - Noto [Collab?]


Before you read this ((BE SERIOUS☠️))
If you feel like you have a unique style that can collab with trap or anything super electronic/melodic, please hit me up… I need as many features as possible. I’ll even send you the track after it’s complete so you can post and gain some of my following…
And again Please be serious… even if you don’t think you are that good, I’ll help you finish and still get credit. I’ll even make a unique cover art that you will have to approve of before I post and share…
Send me contact information and I’ll get to you ASAP.
(PLEASE BE SERIOUS):space_invader:
check me out if you wanna see what I can do with Auxy.
Noto on soundcloud


I’m interested. I think I have a unique style that might work




Send me some of your layouts, I’ll make get started ASAP. I can do multiple projects at once…


Send me what you want me to work on, and I’ll get to you soon as well. Send your Auxy project To me and I’ll get started. Got anywhere I can message you directly?


What kinda song are you thinking


The kind that gets granny’s head banging or electro shuffling😂


Lol, ok I’ll get a demo started and send it to you


I’ll be waiting:9


I want people to see how serious music can be when you come together as a community and as musicians and make serious things happen on a new scale… together, we can make and venture into the unknown


Ok, so I got a few different ideas and I want to know which one you like


I’m gonna work on #2 first since it’s something I’ve never worked with before. I love the vibe​:pray:t4::pray:t4: I’ll finish her up and send it to you when I’m finished


Oh cool, thank you


Hey I made the bass funkier if you want to add it


This is what I’ve added so far… Ima try to put your bass in it. I got a lot of arrangements to do on it so I can make it ride smooth. I’ve never worked on a song like this… you got mad skill though. Take the bass I added out so it can ride smoother



Oh, thanks man! I’ll see what you did and I’ll try to put that bass in.


…uh, was Scene 5 intentional because it doesn’t sound very good😅 the pads aren’t in the same key as each other.


It’s not. I was messing around with the automations trying to create something


Oh okay. Makes sense


Here’s what I did. Still needs an ending and some mastering work but I like how it’s cominn along