Electro House Help?

I’m trying to make some Electro House as I’ve been inspired by Knife Party, however I’m struggling. Does anyone know of any good Electro House tutorials or have any tips to get me started?

Any specific help you want? I know a bit about the genre, so ask away

Well I know typically electro house is at 128 bpm, the beat is easy enough with a kick on every beat and a snare on every other beat and hats to fill the space. Because I’ve been inspired by Knife Party, listening to their tracks they use a few basses and switch between them. I’ve tried creating a bass by using Puma with the ducker on full however it doesn’t sound amazing. What other sounds are good to use for electro house bass?

https://app.auxy.co/projects/zO_az-NkdeBsyOWY87ZLRg== I’ve had a go at using different basses.

Hive, cone, and belt are some favorites of mine

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I could help you

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Lol just make a bouncy bassline and/or wub wubs with the bass.

Also, the drums are very very simple


What tips do you have?

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Use belt and pitch you bass down

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Also use this thing https://app.auxy.co/projects/5QyJ6xuWKdCLXzy7QwqKAA==

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