Electro House/Dubstep need someone to collaborate with!

Hey! I’m currently working on a fast-ish (142 bpm) Drumstep, dubstep-ish track and I really need to work with someone who has done this type or anything similar to this before!

Here’s the song it’s just one minute long because it only has the drop.

Lookin forward to working with you!

Updated song

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I can do Dubstep. I only have few instruments to work on tho.

Edit :
nvm that sounds too good and I’m a newb lol.

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Ok how about you handle the intro and bridges?

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that sounds great, but let me watch cat videos and sleep first. Also you might want to send the chord progressions and key. Thanks for this opportunity dude.

Here’s the project file

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[Link Closed]

The Tonic chord was Bmin7, and just uses leading tone every end of 2 bars.
It was fun making, I only added “Sweet Saw” instrument so the intro feels fuller. The Bridge was short, but kind of effective.

Edit : let me just resend it, I only made a few tweaks
Haxerist - Advent ( with Intro and Bridge )




Hey Kirk! I gave yours a shot and honestly, it sounds very different compared to my drop, like as soon as my drop hits, it’s like you’re hearing another song. Also you used my chord progression for the intro and it gets very repetitive, and counting the drop too, it gets more repetitive. I hope you don’t feel bad, I’m not trying to be mean. :innocent:

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Don’t make yourself walk on eggshells because honestly I’m open to constructive criticism as long as it has a point. I’ve only grasped the general rules of Electro House and in my opinion I shouldn’t stray too far away from the main theme, because Electro House Music are danced to by people. The Drum pattern is already catchy, but it’s okay if you change it because at the end of the day, it’s your song and it’s supposed to express your creativity, not mine. Your song is nice, and thanks for appreciating my attempt :blush:l

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