Ekstrak - Tick Tock (Dubstep)


I actually have a backstory for this song.

So, this project was made during that week off I took. It was to express the amount of total boredom it was when away from music. This oroject was first a Drum and Bass Project. I can show you the old version of this project https://app.auxy.co/projects/i-QM_mC2oAi8i9JK8n11-Q==
Then, I realized how great 140 bpm went with the track, so I replaced the typical DnB drums and replaced them with Dubstep drums, and I also added dubstep wubs too. I hope you guys like it!

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I really like this quite a bit! I end up doing the same thing frequently, something starts off as DnB and I end up pulling the tempo back just to see. Sometimes it sounds better and isn’t drum and bass anymore, and then sometimes it goes back to being DnB again :slight_smile:

I’m gonna listen to the original project in a min. You’ve gone beyond the wub on this, I’m not entirely sure how you wrangled some of these sounds but I dig em!

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Yeah the original wasn’t bad but your new treatment of it is wayyyy better :slight_smile: good choice!

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