Ekstrak - Reborn Album / It’s here!

After two months of working, I’ve finally uploaded my first album, Reborn!

Ekstrak - Reborn Album
Featuring: Me, @Xiejra, @Trey, A Porter Robinson song that’s remixed, and one of @Dj_Peloton’s samples!

I would like to thank everyone for their wait for these two months. I am exhausted and happy right now to se my first attempt at an Album!

I would like to thank these people:

@Xiejra - Being a good friend and helper for this Album
@SpaghettiSauce & @anon73773654 - Being a good supporter over Discord
@Trey - Great Collaborator! I am actually looking forward to create another song with you!

I feel so tired right now. I hope, once again, that everyone enjoys my 1 hour long Album! Any feedback or constructive criticism is allowed!

Another Announcement

I am currently having problems uploading this to stores. So, for right now, enjoy the album on SoundCloud! I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Ekstrak™ 2018


congrats :clap: :clap: This is awesome! I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but I can’t wait! Just a question, which one is the song you used my sample in? I just want to see how you used it :smiley:

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I used it in the last song, Reminent

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Awesome! Just wondering, which tracks are made with the new update?

All of ‘em, my dude.

Overall, I think great job. Some of the tracks were a little out of my wheelhouse, but they weren’t bad. There’s just some genres I really don’t listen to, but, I can appreciate that they were still put together well!

Did you at any point post any of these in full and check for feedback? I remember the teasers but can’t remember how many of these were full tracks posted. Just curious because there are some tracks I would have offered some suggestions on mixing some of the levels, they aren’t totally out of whack but on some the drums are a tad loud, some other level issues etc but nothing so detrimental that I cringed.

Anyway, great job and looking forward to what comes next :slight_smile:

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Was literally thinking about this Album today actually! Congrats on it, Glad I could be of help :wink:

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