Egg (Challenge)


Make an omelette young Padawan!




Yo, this is gr8


I love me some e g g


Not the best track ever, but hopefully egg approves.


Your song made me feel really happy, and I’m sure it pleased the egg. :egg:


Hey, you’re gr8 and your tune is lovely


Damn but for a joke song this is good lol :fearful:


Please finish this. :joy: This is gold.


You can only truely complete the challenge if you use only egg and shell.


Oh the instrument egg😂
I was thinking to record sounds with real eggs🤦🏼‍♂️


Well. If you did that… I think you win. That’s like… eggception :smirk:


begginning sounded like some Tokyo Machine stuff.


Egg: Omelette it slide. Was noice.


Here’s the project file for now

Feel free to do whatever you want with this as I’m not uploading to SoundCloud



Is this an invitation to make egg puns? You’ve got to be yolking


No its not now please delete :joy::joy:


Thats actually amazing. I can’t do better with normal instruments


Even demo users can use egg. :wink:

EDIT: This is not finished completely (might add some more eggs :egg: :rofl: )


Relic alert. I made an egg-featured track in June 2016 on the old green-icon 4-instrument live-mixing Auxy app. It’s one of the few instruments they kept for “new” Auxy (comes in about half way through), and the 2nd track I ever posted on soundcloud: