Egg (Challenge)


unofficial contest btw

The Challenge is S1mple. To celebrate this:

Make a track heavily using EGG (or perhaps only using Egg).

No winners here, just an idea to have some fun and to celebrate the internet a bit.


lol i might do this


Challenge accepted.


I’ll do this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Will this become the most liked post on disco?


Egg track.

Everything is egg, except drums.


Do it. Tap the egg.

Tapp it.



How did the egg thing even happen


Nice :+1:


Ah shucks I missed it :frowning: it’s gone?! Man I barely even started mine yet, maybe today haha


hmmm. Switched the track from private to public and now its working.


Nice haha! Chill as hell. I’m trying to see if I can take it in a totally opposite direction. Going to TRY to use egg for the percussion as well :skull_and_crossbones:

Your tag lol… #egg.


Eggcellent track



I uh. I burned it. In my defense this is 100% egg. Including the “drums”.

100% NO EGG SUBSTITUTE. Oh you totally have to click the egg it’s not clear haha.


Love this challenge btw.


That’s a lotta egg. congrats. you passed the Eggsam


that drop was pretty eggciting


:egg: ~tappity tap tap~
Not as eggcelent as the others before me, but fun nonetheless :grimacing:


I’m digging everyone’s jamz!


I have finally decided to make a track using egg. In this track, I will attempt to break the limits of egg

Wish me luck