EASTER Unicorn Challenge - Drum & Bass! :Unicorn:


Winners are announced HERE

CHALLENGE : Boom. Chk. BoomChk. BoomChk, BoomBoomChk. Drum and bass influences are everywhere - it seeps into different electronic genres, it’s backing the toothpaste commercial you heard on TV, it is the soundtrack to pharma commercials. Write a Drum’n’Bass track using Auxy!

RULES : Use any built-in Auxy samples and/or custom uploaded samples to… make a Drum’n’Bass track using Auxy!1!!!11!.

  • Target 160-180bpm. Anything higher is going to be pretty frantic, anything lower is getting more into breakbeat territory.
  • PLEASE KEEP THE TRACK UNDER 3 MINUTES! This is a hard and fast rule. Submissions over 3 minutes will not be accepted.
  • One submission per person!
  • Post a link to your :soundcloud: Soundcloud track in this topic.

GUIDELINES : Get inspired! A few members here have posted some items on the GENRE thread for Drum and Bass -> DNB

Another great body of work are the Moving Shadow releases -> Moving Shadow - Timecode 01.1
Think about the aesthetic. Most tracks boil down to a nice solid bass, a couple of leads and some VERY selective, crafty drum work. Production is usually sparse!

DUE : By the end of Sunday EST time. A countdown will appear closer to the time. Winners will be announced a week later.

JUDGE: Our newest janitor & D’n’B lover @iammane will make the hard decisions. He’ll choose the three winners plus a shortlist of runner-ups.


  1. The mother of you, so proud become, yes?
  2. Ability to gloat online. Like a big online gloater.
  3. TOP THREE tracks win an exclusive limited-edition Auxy Disco Forum Unicorn. :unicorn:
  4. Winners appear in the official Auxy App Feed.


This song is weird! It’s a tri-hybrid fusion of Drum & Bass, Future Bass and Break-beat! Hence why I chose the name ampersand, the & symbol because it’s a combination of many things.

This was originally going to be for the April challenge, but I was feeling it wasn’t future bass enough to really fit and it didn’t quite sit right. However, I’m feeling like it definitely fits this challenge right here.

EDIT: Song’s up again. It’s probably pushing the envelope on DnB but I am still happy with it personally.

I think my mother will not be proud :weary:

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Ah, yes!

I have zero experience with DnB… but I’ll still read up on it and try and give this contest a go.

The track may be part of an album. :wink:

Ah yes, one of the many genres I have not yet explored…

Should be a fun challenge!

Also, I don’t think my mother “will so proud.”

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I wonder if one of the popular Auxy artists will tackle DnB and take this challenge out, or if someone completely different will swoop in and claim it. It’s going to be fun to watch. Who can handle the DnB?

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Good luck everyone! Looking forward to reviewing your tracks at mouth foaming tempos :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m just shocked no one else has already submitted an entry yet xD

I’ve never done Drum and bass…hmm.

Time to do some research! I’ll come up with something…

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not what i was hoping for



I don’t think I’ll be able to enter a drum & bass challenge right now, but cool to see the challenges starting up again!

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Damnit, this is my bread and butter, but I’m away all weekend :slightly_frowning_face:

Do we just post entries in here?

Because here: https://soundcloud.com/produkmusic/urgency


Reeeee ee E E eE populor PeoplE Alwais Win Nu fAre

satire, if you triggered people couldn’t tell

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Ma will be proud of me no matter what! :triumph:

This looks sick though. I’ll try and whip up something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yup post entries here, starting Monday I start reviewing :slight_smile:

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I wish I could UNLIKE this :frowning:

HECK YEAH DNB. let’s gooooo

Lol. Literally just posted a new DnB track earlier this week.

Also, u mean this Sunday right??

Yeah I will start reviewing on Monday, the cut off is this Sunday evening Eastern time. So it’s a decent chunk of time, lil bit more than the classic BTC