Early versions of Auxy [Songs]

Hey guys, if you have been with auxy for a while, you might have some very old songs featuring Auxy at its early stages of development. I thought I’d share one track from 2016. https://soundcloud.com/anthony-la-rocca-4/twist-1-month-ago

I’d like to hear what you guys made back then! (If you were using Auxy back then)

Here’s a super old track I made back on Auxy 3.0, it was one of the very first songs I completely finished (I never uploaded it to my SoundCloud though)


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That’s actually a really good song. I reckon it’s worth a post. Or if you like we can collab and make it even better?

Sure, let’s collab on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright (might not complete tho) Ive got a few projects I’m working on. Idk if it’s a guarantee. But why don’t u post it anyway?

I could, I can just do some touchups, re-mixing things, better transitions etc because imo I feel like it could use a lot more work

Yeah that’s a good idea. I’d probably have a better probability of remixing it then.

Here’s the first Auxy song I ever published, using version 2 in November 2016.

This one is a lot more recent, but I made it using an Auxy 3.5.0 downgrade.

I have one from the green Auxy, I’ll see if I can find it.

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I used to have a lot from that Auxy but I had to start my Soundcloud again coz I ran out of time:(

Did someone just say…
Dj_La_Rocca and Matik collabing…?
I better call the fire department because I might leave the song on loop.


Yeah I think maybe we just start with something from scratch? :slight_smile:

Sure :+1:t3:

Dm when ur ready

Here we go, Auxy 3.0


The very first song I ever made using auxy


This is obviously before I understood the app.

My second song.(After a few YouTube videos)



Back when loops were only 4 bars long

Unfortunately, this isn’t the oldest song I created in Auxy. I deleted songs older than 2016 because of SoundCloud constraints.

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Yeah I had the same issue

That’s stull awesome! Love the 1/32 note. Nice melody man. I think this song was made roughly when my song stay strong came out which was my fourth song post the piano pack.