Earl Jam - Sustained

I’d be really interested in hearing what you think of my latest track: https://soundcloud.com/earl-jam/sustained. My songs are usually quite simple, production wise, and this isn’t really an exception. My passion when making music is always creating rich atmospheric soundscapes that usually lends itself to melancholic reflection. Musicality and originality will always matter more to me than production value, but I would love to grow as a producer to make my music more accessible. So again - I’d love any input! Thanks


Liked :+1:

Curious to know what you mean by making the music more accessible?
I didn’t find the track challenging, oblique or impenetrable.

Btw, I’d consider switching out your primary genre tag for something like ambient chill.
Dance & EDM isn’t a great fit, imo.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Good to hear that you find the song accessible. This is something I’ve been focusing on improving for the last year or so, as my older music was quite… messy, I suppose.

I agree on your comment about the genre. Ambient Chill isn’t an option, though, so I opted for the generic Electronic tag instead.

Any other comments/suggestions? Specific likes/dislikes with the song?

Select ‘Custom”, then you can type in your own.
Search around on SC, looking at the genre tags used for the most popular tracks in a similar style.


I’ll check out the track again later and share any additional thoughts I have.

So, had another listen.

Straight off, good sound choice and design in the intro.
I can tell what you’ve used but you pulled a fresh take out of those sounds. :+1:

The bells. Slightly hypnotic.

Good, simple bassline. Gives it a bit of a dubby vibe.

Pace is good, not rushing it.

Wonder if it might have benefitted from a second breakdown, in the middle of the second half.
Just to shift the energy about a bit more in that half.
Not sure.

Alternatively, a soft wind-down outro might have worked well, to bring the listeners gently back to earth.

Looking forward to hearing more.

:+1: :+1:


Really like the track! Really nice chill ambient track and I love the direction you are going for. Lovely atmosphere. I can’t wait to hear more of your track! :blush:

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Thank you for you thoughtful reply - this is really helpful. Glad to hear that much of what I aimed for is recognisable in the end product.

Good point about shifting the energy around in the second half - I think it would be interesting to experiment with something like that. I feel, though, that to justify another breakdown, another prominent element should be added. I have actually been playing around with a vocal sample that, if done right, could be that. Haven’t been able to make that work yet unfortunately - I’ll keep trying.

Thanks again for your insightful feedback, it’s highly motivating.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot! :blush:

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You’re most welcome! I make ambient music myself too but more melodic. Maybe we can collaborate at some stage?