Earbuds Recommendations

In this post, I will review and also ask for earbuds.
If you guys know of any noise cancelling, comfortable, and good quality earbuds, let me know.

Now for the reviews.

  • I got two Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 earbuds and they were pretty okay. Greatest quality I ever had and is comfortable and noise cancelling but one of the earbuds stopprd working in a month.
  • I got a Jlabs Metal earbud pack last week and they were okay too. Sometimes they’re a bit loose and one side of the earbuds was stuffy unless I adjusted it in my ear. The quality is good too and they are somewhat noise cancelling if you fit the earbuds in.
  • I got the Jlabs Jbuds and expected something good. They werent really noise cancelling and they kinda hurt my ears when I tried to fit them in. The quality was okay.

I couldnt choose between metal or smokin buds 2 for the best

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The newest apple earbuds with the lightning connector plugin are quite nice.
They’re just 40 bucks if you lose your other ones.


I have scullcandys too and they’re really good quality for their price.

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@Captain YES. I love Apple EarPods and nobody else seems to agree :joy:

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They don’t fit me.

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Rip :wink: Imagine how hard it is to make earbud that fit EVERYBODY though :smile:

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I use monster earbuds. Theyd be really nice if i didnt leave them in my shorts while i put them in the washer😂

Rip I left my earbuds in my pocket alot of times
It was the apple earbuds most of the time lol

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Skullcandy is pretty dope

I have off brand $30 btooth headphones but i dont see a difference they are all pretty noice

I have beats over ear headphones that I use when I’m at my house but I use apple ear pods in more public places I guess

These aren’t earbuds, but I highly recommend the Sony MDR-7506. The sound quality is better than any headphones I’ve ever used. The headphones are studio monitor, meaning the audio output has a flat response (it is the most accurate sound, no bass or mid boosts). They are pretty comfortable as well, and amazing for the price of ~$80.


I use JVC. They are much better sounding than SkullCandy and Apple in my opinion. Though it seems most people are using those brands, so I guess that’s what I’ll test on.

For my iPhone, I use the earbuds that come with the Galaxy S8. For my iPad, I use the Playstation gold headset. They’re both really good in terms in quality and sound.

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I use Sony MDR 1000X. Expensive but worth the price.

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Haha, relatable xD

Apple earbuds are friggen durable tho.

What I use are Headrush Cool Jazz earbuds
They cost about less than $30 in Canada, pretty good stereo with crisp sound, but when it comes to bass… ehhh, it’s pretty good, but I usually like bass boosted earbuds…

My old iBeats earbuds

Any sony MDR headphones are good IMO.

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Very true