Dzvmvn - Candy [dubstep/trap]

Check it out
It is such a psycho

Lol this is out there. It kind of reminded me of being at some crazy carnival with like a weird clown. It’s not a bad thing, but you weren’t kidding this is wild :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The beat threw me off at first but I think it fit the vibe very quickly. I like the organ sound in there and of course the staccato wub bass work is fitting. If I had to fault anything it’s a bit mechanical, maybe a build up and drop would help with the tension.

Overall good job!

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Pretty nice job making dubstep on Auxy. :+1:

The main issue for me is that it’s really repetitive and the beat is kind of off in some places. It’s also lacking in instrument variation.

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It is my third track in this style, so thanks for advices!

pretty sp00ky track. nice sound design stuff u got goin on. (yeah, u can get some real dank sounds messing around with Blob, im doing a dubstep track with it)
A bit repetitive for its length tho

Also, someone’s prob gonna call u out on it at some point, but this is technically not dubstep lol.
u got a kick on 1&3 and snare on 2&4 instead of dubstep where it’s kick on 1 and snare on 3 (also your track is 125bpm which is House tempo instead of 140-150ish which is generally more dubstep tempo. Though these tempo’s aren’t a requirement, they’re what’s more followed/used/known).

What you’ve actually got is more of a Bass House/ Trap track

The More You Know

Yeah that’s definitely a four on the floor beat. Maybe that’s why I was so thrown off? I was expecting something more in the vein of dubstep and you’re right, it’s not really. I’m telling you, psycho clown carnival music :worried: :clown_face: