DX100 From Mars - Thoughts?

I haven’t had a chance to check it out but yeah there’s definitely way too many retro packs, I want some church organ sounds, also is it just me or has it been a while since we got a drum pack?

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More drum samples than you could shake a stick at. Drum samples should probably be the least of everyone’s worry since they’re pretty easy to ingest


I wanna say Auxy’s sounds are based off of serum, so if we could import serum presets that would be awesome. Probably a whole technical side to that but still, would be cool


I’m shaking so many sticks.

We think this would be nice too and I have reached out to Steve Duda, who makes Serum, about this several times. Auxy is not built with the same tech as Serum, it’s just that it’s a similar architecture. Unfortunately, Serum presets are encrypted so it’s not possible to convert them easily either.


I can reach out to Reverb and see if we could add these to the library, since they’re free anyways.


What does retro sound mean? Synth sounds? Feels like church organs aren’t very modern either. :slight_smile:

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We’re shipping new content since it’s a core part of the subscription offering and a great way to expand the capabilities of the app without making it more complex. And we’re trying to level up the pack quality and add more variety over time.

We’re also constantly working on improving the app and keeping it fresh. That doesn’t necessarily mean redesigning it or adding a lot of big features, though. It’s always exciting with new tools, but we want to keep focused on the things we believe will simplify the process of making good music.

To give a concrete example, some people ask if we can add a way to automate the panning for individual samples. While this is a valid idea, and something you can do in e.g. Ableton Live, we think that the impact on the music people make would be minimal. Instead, we feel that users in general would be better off focusing on improving their melodies and song structure, rather than adding more details to their productions, and that’s something we’re keen to explore further.

The same goes for a “melodic sampler” to some extent. It’s a nice idea in theory, but when you start working through practical implications, it’s not very straightforward. For instance, it’s unclear where people would get the samples that they would use in the sampler. And it will be very hard to make a decent experience for adding multi-sampled instruments on a phone. In the end, you end up with a very complicated feature that would only serve a small number of users, while at the same time, make the app a lot more complicated and thus add friction for the majority of users who we think should focus on getting their musical ideas down. Ideas being grooves, melodies and songs, rather than odd sounds.

Some sort of synth interface would probably work better, but I think people that ask for this drastically overestimate the results they would get with it. Either it’s a simple synth, but then you cannot make very exciting sounds, or it’s complicated, and then most people will fail to use it effectively regardless.


By retro I mean packs that have retrowave sounds

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@lenberg Just curious, when you say you teamed up to create sounds based on classic instruments, are you walking about just synths, or some more vintage keys as well?

Just to be clear, pretty much anything can be a sound in a retrowave track with enough practice, I should know, and pretty much any “retro” sound can be used in any other context with practice. It’s all about how you mix and layer.

And if we’re calling this a strictly retro pack, I do believe it ties a nice bow on top of the rest with the new brass (lovely addition ngl) but I opt not to call it a retro pack cuz sure thing next week I’ll be hosting an AC feedback stream and I’ll hear that same brass in an epic experimental bass track…


I actually like it!

I like the sounds, but unlike previous sound packs, I’ve been having a lot of trouble coming up with ideas for tracks with it.

Your words make a lot of sense. And also, it’s probably pretty frustrating to find good sounds that will work effectively with Auxy, even getting the licenses correct and whatnot. I still greatly appreciate what you’re doing for this community, and I think Auxy is definitely on the right track towards being that “simple but powerful” app that anyone can use to make great quality music.

One last thing: have you considered reaching out to That Sound? Their drum packs are utterly bonkers, especially Drumline.


@lenberg how did you do four posts in a row?

Edit: Oh yeah, mods can do infinity in a row lol.

I honestly really like the plucks and mallets from this pack. I’m not really used to using sounds in the piano/keys section, but the plucks are right up my alley. Throwing some chorus and massive reverb on an arp with the new plucks sounds great, imo. For things like minimal house they’re awesome. Great work!

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In settings, add (ADVANCED MODE ON/OFF)
Now the synth is more complicated, the sampler is added, etc. this would help with the gap


I think the point being made was that it wasn’t a valuable use of time to code a complex synth for the small population of users that would use it, regardless of whether it could be hidden with a switch.


It’s bit like Auxy is eating its own tail. Sounds added within this week are so similar to stuff previously added that those packs are a bit obsolete.

Auxy please add something really fresh. Like new live instruments - new hammond organs, sax or trumpet (but not awfull like hipster horns) Yamaha “like” piano, And most needed double bass, upright bass with all live thumbs, slides, real live sounds - jazz bass, this vibe would be something nice even as addition to electronic generes.
Maybe some funky guitars with funky picks, thumbs (there are few now but that is aint enough).


These instruments are not like previous ones, I promise I’ve messed with a lot of them for a while. The parameters work differently.