DX100 From Mars: Auxy Test Project


I tryed something


I gave you something, but seriously it is impossible hard to make a song with this pack


You must not be used to tweaking sounds then. I can see endless possibilities for uses of the plucks, specifically good vibes with a long reverb trail and high gain

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Well you make something and we will see ok , make a good example so I can see what you mean

Bet. The first thing I did: https://app.auxy.co/projects/qy5RzXGRzVgS_aCASwultg==

I make retrowave but still the sounds are versatile


Also made an attempt myself :wink: https://app.auxy.co/projects/V-zuIuhiuhO1H3HPvsbexA==

That moment when you realize woodpiano is basically just broccoli :unamused::pensive:

This is my first attempt using the pack, I like it a lot. And I feel it can help a lot of genres.
P.s. there are a few free custom samples in there if anyone is interested.