Dust Off That Analog [Remix Competition] - Insolidarity

Hey Disco! I know at least a few of you have heard about @sn.ow.y and my collab “Dust Off That Analog” (btw thanks for the immense support, 657 plays, 68 likes, 18 reposts, and 35 of your most encouraging comments). I’d like to announce that because of it’s popularity, I’m hosting a remix competition! Here are the parameters:

  • can be any genre remix
  • must not exceed 5 minutes
  • must include main melody (duh)
  • must be significantly different from the original (this is not a “here’s what I fixed” competition :wink:)
  • and must have fun!

I’ll set a deadline when i get at least 7 interested parties

Here’s the track for reference: https://soundcloud.com/insolidaritymusic/dust-off-that-analog

And here’s the project: https://app.auxy.co/projects/HXzVCsz9E-lZlaiExu96ZQ==

Feel free to change whatever, the project will always be here


Where’s the analog? :eyes:

We’ve already had this discussion, Nick :smirk:

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Sign me up :smile:

I never finish remixes though so just gonna put that out there

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Looks like you shard the wrong project file :wink:

It’s called The Returning by Insolidarity

You mean The Returned? Well sh!t. Everyone who’s clicked that does not have permission to mess with it

All 8 of you who opened The Returned should disregard it/please delete.

So hey is anybody even interested?

Yes I am. I can’t promise I’ll finish it because I’m pretty busy atm. But if I can find some time for it, I’ll enter!

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