Ducking sound click noise

Hi there,
Is there any trick to get rid off that click sound which appear ( or hear ) when you side chaining ( ducking) ?

Carpathian Mix


Can you send a project that shows us where this is coming from? I don’t have any context.

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I’ll do that.
Thank you

I have the exact same problem that you have; it’s so annoying.

I mean there is a way to get rid of that annoying sound on the big boys DAW but here an the app…can’t figure it out.

You have to be more specific in order for us to resolve this and help you.


I believe what happens is when you only have one instrument playing, and the ducker is on, then there is a clicking noise. I believe silk works and makes the noise.

I just add kick drums.


That should work when drums are involved, but sometimes is just the melodic
part with no drums and if you’re ducking that , you can here the click
At times it’s so obvious , one can think kick drums is involved.

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Send the project already


Yeah i have this problem sometimes too.

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I had this same problem as well. An option is to manually automate the volume like shown in the picture; this mimics the ducker. This is what I did to Climb in my song Hakai, and it worked out pretty well imo. Gotta thank @HAYVN for this though!


Can you post an example audio file?

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I’ve never really used the ducker before, but working with it now, I notice the click.
I notice it as it’s running while only a single instrument is active – and that instrument has the top-end rolled off, making the soft, but bright click stand out.

@Auxy, did anyone ever send you an example?

In case not…

Some tests/observations…

  1. It’s present, but far less noticeable in the rendered WAV output, when played through (e.g.) SC
  2. It’s noticeable, even in the rendered version, when played back via Auxy’s Render Project screen.

Yeah I have encountered it several times as well, I hope there’s a fix soon.

To be fair, FL studio’s ducker has a click sound as well.

I think it’s supposed to be covered up by the kick if I’m not mistaken


It’s very apparent with “Muffin”


The cause is probably the compression, I think a soft gating effect before it is sidechained could fix it.

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This is also a pretty good example.

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