Dubstep producing in Auxy [poll] (PERSONAL)


Just a few quick questions to calm my curiosity, anyone’s welcome to vote. Thank you all.

Do you believe Dubstep is underrated/unpopular within Auxy and it’s community?

  • Yes
  • No

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Should Dubstep be popular in the Auxy community?

  • Yes
  • No

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How well produced are my Dubstep tracks?

1 being :poop: and 10 being :metal:t3::tongue:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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  • 7
  • 8
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  • 10

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Like 1 as in very underrated or 10 as very underrated?


Clearly didn’t think that one true huh? :skull::joy: it should’ve been a question, not a number poll. It’s my first poll.


I feel like I answered that a bit oddly.

I think dubstep is pretty underrated, but at the same time I don’t think it should be ridiculously “popular” with the community (don’t want another future bass era 2: lmaOTT).

It could use some more people doing impressive stuff with it since some people have been leaving (cornea for example) and those shoes should be at least somewhat filled.
The creativity and sounds are there, I just don’t feel like a enough people utilize them enough to produce something that “doesn’t feel like it was made in Auxy”.

As for u, @Goxenar, ya doin fantastic. Auxy & sound design wise, solid A. But there’s always some minor nitpicks I find about ur stuff sometimes.

Idk what I really mean myself with this post if it makes sense at all. I’m on mobile, in a somewhat noisy area so my mind is a bit in and out writing this and also having a lack of profread-ability


Well your hybrid remix of Mr A’s The Heavens is spot on


I don’t know what you need this poll for, but, keep making your music. Your style is very unique and your music is spot on.


Why is the average 8 it should be 10 :no_mouth:


Yeah, seriously. I don’t know why it’s an 8. It should be a ten.


Well if it was a 10 then there would be nothing to improve upon


I agree with this, I definitely feel as if Dubstep in the Auxy community is quite underrated. I also agee on the fact it shouldn’t be utterly popular like future bass was in the community before.

And thank you for your opinion on my music, it meant a lot.


Thanks man, I really appreciate that.


Thanks a lot man, to explain the poll, to be honest I feel as if Dubstep in the Auxy community is underrated, but I wanted the opinion of the community itself on that.

Sure, I’ve had a few songs reposted by Auxy, but I feel as if Dubstep just doesn’t take the spot of most of the songs in the Auxy application feed.

Here, let me explain a bit more.

The songs in which get posted within the Auxy application feed are TOP knotch. I absolutely love them. Mr. Anderson’s the Heavens is a good example, Blackocean’s Crimson is another good example, but when will a Dubstep track reach that spot?

In all honesty, creating Dubstep in Auxy consists of an INTENSE amount of creativity, definitely patience and well, some basic Dubstep knowledge, yet it seems as if it can never reach the spot of “Featured Track.”

It always seems like it gets a “here here, I like this, but lets not give it too much support now.”


I still think your music is amazing, and I think one day, one of your songs will reach that spot.


I pray so my friend, it’s one of my goals.


One of my goals too, but my skills are nowhere near as good as yours. yet


dubstep isn’t popular in auxy because it’s nearly impossible to make it… future bass and chill are popular in this community because they sound pretty close to what future bass and chill sound like when they’re made in real DAWs like ableton or fl… the majority of dubstep that comes from auxy sounds nowhere close to the quality that it does when it’s made in a real DAW. you and @Cornea are probably the only exceptions to that statement. i don’t see dubstep ever being popular in auxy because they would have to implement better sound design capabilities in order for people to make it. and usually the reason genres become popular in auxy is because many people start making them.


wub wub wub ^-^



This one was featured


I’m still working on that remix btw :wink:


That is certainly true, however, name a time afterwards where anything similar occurred.