Dubstep help? Osharu Perez (True Torment)


Something about it just doesn’t feel right…help?

it’s not between 140 & 150bpm that’s the problem

It sounds like there’s too much going on with the drops so the bass & sub sound really weak. It’s almost like everything is trying to overpower everything else all over the spectrum. I’d try eq’ing the sounds some to get rid of the lows on the melody, chords, etc to give the low end some more room to be heard.

rn, your track its pretty much a flat line across everything.

but is should prob look a bit more like this (Tristam - Talent Goes By)

(also ur snare could use some more punch, maybe layer with soft kick or something)

Maybe take out some sounds, but i’d leave that as something to do last if you like the layers.


I completely agree with El1011, the bass is quite weak and there is too much going on

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