Dubplate Array - industry city sleepers [Dub/Brostep]


A little more dubstep/brostep. Heavily leaned on slicing the absolute poo out of growl samples mixed with some Auxy drums and sub bass goodness. As always, comments / criticism / suggestions welcome!

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Loved it :smiley: Good to hear some brostep. Had me going “huh” at first, trying to work out what instruments you’d used :joy:

BTW— What happened to the end? Mind you, how WOULD you end it, given the limited sample controls in Auxy?

I guess aside from an abrupt -ish end I could have faded out. Maybe lol. But that’s a tough sell for a more aggressive genre :frowning:

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Keep it up, please. :weary:

Maybe build it up with a shed-load of noises all coming in together over half a bar or so, with a bunch of sweeper and an unhealthy amount of reverb all building up to a dead stop. Then let the reverb tail do the rest of the work for you…?

I wonder if I could load up a bunch of the new drum samples and just pitch them wild and let it rip. It’s weird cause part of the reason the end is the way it is was cause I f*cked up one of the scenes, it was actually supposed to “start on” another measure but I forgot it when I copied it and it was a pleasant surprise haha.

I wish I had SC pro so I could replace the audio file with a fixed version, ah c’est la vie.

If SC wasn’t so sh*t I’d consider Pro for the same reason. But given I spend most days swearing at it, I won’t be buying Pro just yet.