Drop The Project


Okay everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone knew why Auxy (instead of some more third party label or another artist) released this cool megacollab and if that will happen more often.

  1. Because of the group of people that participated in the making of this collaboration (namely all the beta testers) it makes sense for Auxy to release it as they work closely with this group of people.

  2. It would seem like there is no clear candidate as far as individual producer that should release this, as multiple people likely put fairly equal amounts of work into it. And you can think of Auxy as the third party label that you were referring to.


So since they’re all major parts of the community they just contacted Auxy to release it? That’s what I’m guessing. Do you know if things like this will happen more often? I hope so.


(This is all from my perspective, so some things may not be accurate) It all began with Phluze starting a song and naming it “Pass the Project”, he posted it in the Telegram and encouraged people to add to it. I didn’t get invited into the telegram until recently, so by the time I found out about it and worked on it, they wanted someone to do the outro. I finished the section and posted it, but the project was forgotten after that. That was around 2-3 months ago. Until around a month ago we started talking about releasing it. We debated several methods of releasing (including being released by Auxy, but Lenberg didn’t reply) so the decision was for me to post it on my account, since I was fairly new, some people thought it wasn’t quality enough to post it seriously, and they thought it was okay for me to get exposure. Soon after, Lenberg replied back and said it was a good idea to post it on the Auxy account but that it needed some work, so we decided to do that. Produk, blackocean, and I, all did some revisions to some sections. Produk added spice to the intro, I changed my outro, blackocean changed his drop, and I added a buildup to his drop. We let Lenberg know it was done, but it was a while before he let us know anything about it since Fredrik had been on vacation, Lenberg had a child recently, and was working on his home. He then tasked Produk to create the art inpired by his YouTube thumbnails, but we were having some trouble completing his vision of the art, so I helped Produk out. That was a week and a half ago. It was finally posted this week by Auxy. We will definitely do more. As a matter of fact, “Blue Beach” by Phluze was destined to be another “Pass the Project,” but he ended up finishing it before we added anything :joy:


uwu i wish i was involved :man_shrugging:
i need to step up my activity on the Disco lol


Is the song under CC?


uhh whats going on?


ah that makes sense. i think it would be cool for non-beta testers to do this too though. maybe next time Lenberg can make a disco message chat with a few awesome producers who weren’t included. :smile:


At some point I might consider organizing a megacollab like this for certain producers in The Auxy Collective. You know, just for fun as an ongoing project because why not.




I barely listened to this now. Two things, awesome track for sure, great to see their tastes in music put together in one song, and another thing… I can’t imagine how laggy the project was.


You should see the file for Apprentice Angel on Shooting Star Hill (Remixed by @Kayasho) :joy:


One instrument from that file barely fits on my entire iPhone 6 screen.


oh yeah


Drop The Project is now a featured track! Really awesome job on getting the track featured!


Sounds awesome @everyone! I hope I can be a part of a mega collab like this in the future.