Droolin’ (feat. GR3Y)

Hey guys. Days ago I told GR3Y to make me remix his best song of all “Last Fight”. Now this time i made a remix of my unreleased song “Droolin’”. It’s from the topic named “Unnamed Future House Song”. I took it and remixed it. And told GR3Y to remix it with me. So he did and now it’s finally finished. This song is for his Birthday Release. A album that is coming in a few days so be prepared,Get yo headphones and listen to the Birthday Release. So that’s it for today here’s the song link ALSO… this was uploaded on SC. Yes. SoundCloud. I made my account 2 days ago and started to release my songs there. So here’s the link for the sonh. Hope you really REALLY enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/user-341022278/droolin-feat-gr3y-3/s-pxnh0c9xc6X Now as always guys. Thanks & May Allah Bless you all homies.

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