Dreams - Tropical Original

Hello everyone! So I gathered up a new song about this dream I had back in 2010-11. (One reason I named the song Dreams)

Back around that time I was 11 or 12 and I had this really crazy dream. I wont waste your time in the finished track’s topic and so i can stay on topic.

Anyways, I bought the free month so ill be able to make more music with different sounds. I really hope you all enjoy this one. This song just makes me feel nice inside when i listen to it. You all can give me feedback if you want.

Soundcloud: Dreams - Tropical Madman

I loved this man. Was contemplating on reposting it

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Go ahaid @DJ_La_Rocca. It’s all you!

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Amazing job! Ima repost this on my AuxyReposts account

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