Dreamland - Shane Jankus [Synthwave, Retrowave]

I just released my third single, ‘Dreamland’, go check it out! :wink:

This was also my first Synthwave/Retrowave track I’ve ever made. Any tips/feedback would be greatly appreciated! Again, I’m new to Auxy, so I still have a lot to learn.



It’s nice for your first attempt at retrowave, of course it’s not perfect but it’s a good start if you wanna continue in his genre. I’d say in the future when making retrowave try to listen to other synthwave or retro tracks and discern some common elements of the instrument they used, some of the ones I heard didn’t flow well in my opinion (and is all a matter of practice, I understand you’re new to Auxy so just mess around with some sound design and see where you get) another good thing to try is automating the lowpass or highpass for cool dramatic effects to fit the theme. The melodies you made were really cool and high heels and wire are two of my favorite instruments to use in tandem or bounce off of each other, just remember you can edit the knobs a bit, to make them sound more smooth with the rest of the track. As for bass I like your approach however one defining trait of a lot of retrowave is a more pulsating bass.
I like the arpeggio you started with, it’s good to have something like that be the backing for the track, but remember with all I’ve said, find instruments that mesh well.

I Hope I’ve helped enough for you to be interested i. Continuing the genre


Very nice chords and melody. Try keeping the lowpass steady to get that low quality Wave vibe. Also, maybe experiment with layering the kick with the snare. It makes the snare have a bit more punch behind it ya know? Sick first attempt though. I couldn’t have done much better myself


Wow, thanks very much for the feedback! I appreciate it. For a guy who’s new with this program it’s very helpful to get such detailed feedback and tips. Thank you again! I’ll be sure to try some of the things you suggested!

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I’ll definitely layer the kick and snare to give it more of a punch, and I’ll definitely try out your low pass tip!

Thanks again!

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