Dreaming Candy - Asis ft. Snofuny

Hello everyone ! We just finished our collab - Asia and Sniffing . It took a while but we’re glad we finished it :3 . Anyway wish everyone a happy Christmas in 2021 >< !
Here is my bro soundcloud SNOFUNY !! hope you guys support him : @snofuny
THE LINK IS HERE : https://soundcloud.com/d-zinkama/dreaming-candy


This is some pretty nice stuff! I’m not listening on my good headphones so I don’t think I’ve got any mixing down tips, but this is well-composed and has great flow in terms of like… song structure. Me me likey

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thank bro <3

Every time I see ur logo I think ur exro: lol but the song is epic

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maybe i’m exro all the time XD

I love the little bit the vocal chops add to the drop! The song is amazing!

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thank you so much