DreadedClout [remix of @iammane ‘s samples, Project]

Im not sure where else to post this but

@iammane i saw ur unused project that you posted and i liked how it sounded. Wanted to remix it basically just had the sudden desire to and made this.


The longest darn project I’ve made, id appreciate if u could give your opinion. I was also wondering once i get all the sounds right (cause I’m only using phone speakers) i could maybe post this on soundcloud and give u credit for samples?


Wow damn… @iammane really pulled this one off. He’s got everything he needs for his songs.

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Nice, I was NOT expecting the amen that was awesome. You are more than welcome to post this and do not have to credit me at all, those cut up melody samples and vocals are from blocs wave.

My only suggestion/question is are the vocals supposed to be so filtered they aren’t intelligible? I thought that the vocals in that pack were already hard enough to understand lol… but if it was an on-purpose aesthetic choice then all good :slight_smile:

Solid though. Dig it!


Bro you are the king of samples. Do you even do trap?

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Thank you and yeah i wanted that effect lol. Only thing is now a name😂 terrible at them i was thinking something like “Lost Temptation” because of how aesthetic it is

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Wow this is AMAZING. If you post this to soundcloud please let me know!!!

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I will post it for mane rn.

I dont think you should post someone elses project “for them”

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Oh sorry just excited prolly

Yeah please let DreadedClout post his/her project…

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Posted it bro


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