Drageonix - [DnB, WIP]


Any ideas?

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Really like the bass, like the drums. The melody for your stack is fine, I don’t love the sounds. I can’t make any edits, sorry, but I’d experiment with either effecting one or the other further, or maybe introducing a different sound for one of them. Highpassing and adding some sort of distortion on one perhaps. Just throwing ideas out.

I also would NOT stack much more than this, DnB usually should be sparse( r ) and you’re already hitting the upper limit of sounds playing at a time (imo).


It’s nice.

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Give him a chance.

…I believe he was asking for feedback and ideas? lol, which is what I did… :man_shrugging:


okay then?

what do you mean ok then?

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he means -

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I mean the idea works