Dr. aquaman [collab?]

@Milchmann, @Peregrihn and @M9601 - I am really happy about the feedback! I have prepared a small private track. Of course, I do not want any guidelines - it’s just a small example - just to get the ball rolling. I’m completely open to other suggestions or genres - just let me know.

@DJ_La_Rocca, @PietervanBoven, @MrSerpent, @Lex, @sideswipeBL, @davidnaha
of course, you are also welcome to participate in the collaboration - because you have liked the “Who would you really like to collaborate with?” post…


Soundcloud private

Sound samples taken from

(need to check copyright - just an example…)
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so chill…

added tonsil


I’m very confused


Yes it is , too much instrument
We can’t work with this @dr-aquaman

Don’t worrie , try again and improve yourself

I’ll think about it for sure but I do already have a lot going on music wise

hey @davidnaha thank you for the extension. I am not sure if Tonsil is the right one - Tonsil is not my bag - let us communicate via PM.

@dr-aquaman got it, do you have discord?

add me @davidnaha (my username)