Downriver by Tarekith

Downriver started as a sketch I was working on using Auxy on my iPhone while wandering solo around Brussels and Amsterdam in 2016. I reworked the core ideas quite a few times in the following months while I travelled, eventually morphing it into a more old-school breakbeat style of track.

Ultimately I ended up keeping the main drums, bassline, and background melodies almost exactly as they were from the initial Auxy sketches. Those were exported into Ableton Live 10, where I added some background pads and distorted chords from my DSI OB-6 and Ableton’s Wavetable synth. Some additional percussion samples were added from my sample library to round out the rhythmic elements. The guitar is my Taylor 814ce acoustic being processed by a TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb, as well as Ableton’s Echo and Pedal devices. Final volume and dynamics control was done with DMG’s Limitless.

Hope you enjoy,


Dang. That’s impressive. I like it a lot

Thanks Trey, glad you dig it.

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Really cool track.

I’m really loving the little ambient sounds hidden between the layers. High quality! I like it!

Thanks, a lot of those sounds are straight from Auxy too.

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