Downloading from iCloud, Give Projects Priority


Every so often, when I open Auxy, many of the projects aren’t downloaded, and it needs to download them before I can use them.

It seems to download them in order, which is normal and expected. However, it would be nice for it to give priority to a project that I click (because, for our purposes, I don’t want to open the other projects, and so I don’t want it to unnecessarily load them before the one I want to open).



I’ve had that repeatedly today, with projects not downloaded locally, then downloading, then missing again, then downloading, …

Makes me worry a bit, tbh. Don’t need my projects going sideways.


This is one of my major gripes with mobile centric production. I never really feel like I’m in control of my files, which is a little scary.

With that said, something could be up with iCloud


@akabillposters @icsleepers For me it’s less about losing files, more about it not loading the one I’m trying to load.

Since they added iCloud support, I’m not worried about losing anything. If anything’s wrong, it’s too many backups.


It seemed to hang, never completing the download. (Even though I was using that project on that device last night.)

I restarted the device to see if that jolted it into action, and it seemed to work, though it may be coincidental.

I think the issue is that my sample library is starting to get quite weighty – as I make increasing use of sampled sounds.

I’ve had Auxy crash a few times (iPhone 6 Plus) when working with the iCloud folder in Auxy.
I’m perhaps starting to see why they put the 10-second limit on samples – which is a concern.

Hate to think I’m reaching the limit of what Auxy (my phone) can handle, and potentially foreseeing the end of my time with Auxy, as I certainly won’t be upgrading my phone simply to get Auxy playing nicely.


FWIW, when I’ve exported something and I’m done working with it, at least for the foreseeable future, I move all the project files into iCloud drive in subfolders. Usually my project tree looks like this:


When I’m done with it, I move the files to a folder called ICS, so then it looks like this:


And so on. It’s kind of a pain in the ass to shuffle these files around, but it keeps the Auxy directory nice and lean.


Doesn’t that mean you kinda have to decide which samples you want to explore beforehand, so you can then add them to the Auxy iCloud folder?

I might get into the habit of archiving very recognisable sounds once they’ve been used in a rendered/released project. But, I value the flexibility of having a large selection to-hand when I’m exploring and developing.

That immediacy is kinda key to why I’ve gravitated to Auxy over the alternatives.


Yes, 100%, for me at least :slight_smile:

I never start in Auxy. I usually start in either Groovebox or Blocs Wave. I get a framework going there, then I either try to recreate in Auxy what I’m hearing in those apps, and if I can’t then I export the sample and let Auxy ingest it. Some things I know immediately I won’t be able to do in Auxy (like a wah guitar), so I export that right off the bat. I’ll usually try to re-create basses/drums/synths where possible.


I hear you.

I’m already starting to recognise lazy habits in my workflow. I’m sacrificing higher options for the sake of immediacy and ‘good enough’.

For instance, Auxy’s 10-second limit means I’m not using anything longer in my tracks, which impacts the kind of sounds I use – because I’ll gravitate towards sounds in my library that are already < 10 seconds — and that impacts the writing and composition and kind of music I might make.
(I’ll also edit some sounds down if it really feels like it could be a good fit, but convenience is seductive.)

I need to break that habit asap and get my Ableton game (back) on to avoid ending up half-arsing every track, slapping options together based on what Auxy can do, rather than what’s right.

(It might also be nice to start actually getting some use out of the numerous hardware bits I bought just as I was getting back into making music.)


I think it might be helpful if they went deeper on reflecting the folder structure in the Auxy iCloud sample folder.
It currently only recognises two levels, with everything two or more levels down being gathered into a single, sectioned list.

This means that many more files are being ‘scanned’ than necessary. (It also means I have to do a lot of scrolling when going through my Auxy iCloud folder within Auxy.)

With my growing Auxy sample folder, I’m wondering if this is why Auxy’s becoming less stable for me.


This is happening pretty constantly now.

It seems to be flushing ‘active’ project (imported) instruments from the cache. For instance, if I stop working on a project for a couple of hours, when I go back into that project, I get the (down)loading/progress circle icons.

Often, some imported sounds will hang during (re)loading/caching, meaning many parts of the track aren’t playing.

It would be great to hear from @Fredrik (or @lenberg) to explain what’s actually occurring inside the app when this is happening – so maybe I can work in a way that makes this (and the crashes) less likely/frequent.

(Fwiw, iPad Mini 2 / 32GB [4GB unused] / iOS 11.26.)


I think this is probably a similar problem to what I’ve been dealing with. Simply put, my projects won’t download from the cloud. They just stay locked. I have plenty of storage on my phone still so I don’t see why it wouldn’t download


Go to files, go to the Auxy folder, select all projects except for samples and backups, MAKE SURE NOT TO CLICK DELETE

Tap share and send an email to yourself called Auxy Extra Backup with the date to have an extra safety net on your projects


Guys I don’t think it was the update or anything. iCloud backs up and recieves your stuff in order, not all at the same time so whatever is backing up or downloading prior to Auxy may be messing with it. Like for example my projects would do that when I had gotten the app music memos and the stuff from that app was so data heavy and I had no idea why Auxy projects weren’t loading. I turned iCloud off for some apps like Garageband and haven’t had a problem since.


Yeah, this is what I do more or less. I’ve got file management under control :slight_smile: obviously compared to a desktop it sucks though. It’s gotten better, but it’s still pretty janky.


I can’t think what other app would be causing the issue in Auxy.

It often happens when I haven’t touched another iOS app for hours, so iCloud should be fully synced already.
It’ll often occur only minutes after I last used the same Auxy project, having used no other app in between.

To me, this points to an internal memory/caching issue in Auxy, especially as it only happens on my import-heavy pieces.

Auxy seemingly flushes them from memory, presumably as part of internal housekeeping, but then has trouble retrieving them again from iCloud when I resume working on the project.


I am suffering the same issue.
Need to understand the logic / implementation details.


It’s becoming worse! I got a project stuck in download forever (only the samples on icloud) Any suggestions @lenberg


Update :slightly_smiling_face:
Read a bunch about icloud sync and it seems like not being on wifi is recipe for disaster. Nothing works, especially when large amounts of data are constantly being syncd.
I am always on the go and that’s when I use Auxy.
A good practice is to open Auxy before going out and making sure everything is syncd.
I hope this helps!


This will all be fixed in the next version so will close the thread.