Download all sounds option


If I could download all the sounds and samples at the click of a button this would be perfect. Another very important thing is being able to make use of all those sounds when in airplane mode - I do a lot of composing when I am travelling!


This is a great idea, i could benefit from it (at least for the melodic sounds; the samples are a bit massive in number. As for offline, when you have the subscription, Sounds you downloaded should stay on your phone even in airplane mode for one week, as long as the battery doesn’t die and you don’t restart your phone.


Agreed, I recently installed Auxy on another iOS device and had to download the sound packs all over again (of course) it was a tad time consuming.

Very useful detail, @lenberg can this be added in an update soon please?


Everybody pings Lenberg, but Lenberg isn’t the one responsible for the updates, I believe, lol. It’s mostly Fredrik who’s responsible for the updates, I believe.


Download all would be pretty awesome, agreed. I spend quite a bit of time commuting and don’t always have access to WiFi/data


yeah but lenberg is usually the one on the front end of everything and interacting with ppl more than fredrik


I tagged Lenberg because although there are various members within the Auxy team, it all goes through him, as he is the “Auxy Developer.”


Yes please. I don’t need 500 new fingerprints on my screen every time a soundpack comes out.

A per sound/drum sample pack download button would be great!


Solution: free screen cleaner with subscription purchase


Thanks for input! This has been discussed before and duly noted. I see where you’re coming from. Just think about this though, as the sound library grows, this makes less and less sense. Hopefully, we should be able to scale the library to a size that makes it completely unfeasible to download all sounds. But perhaps a quick “download this pack” makes more sense.


This makes the most sense. There’s definitely some packs I just don’t use. Then there’s some I know I want all of them local


They’re not acting independently of each other.
Lenberg is the Product Owner/Manager, from what I understand of how roles are broken down between the two.
As such, he’ll be the person users need to convince.

@Goxenar Referring to Lenberg as ‘Auxy developer’ is tricky. As I understand it, Auxy was co-founded by them both, with both possibly still being co-owners.

‘Developer’ is a tricky title to use for Lenberg given that the other member of the team is the actual (only full-time) developer, while, as mentioned above, Lenberg seemingly serves at Product Manager/Product Owner.
(‘Product Owner’ is an organisational title referring to the person chiefly responsible for a product’s growth, etc…, rather than meaning the actual ‘owner’ of the product.
In this case, he is also co-owner of the company that created and produces the Auxy app.)


Indeed! Although with a team of two, the roles are obviously less formal. So Fredrik is also a bit of a product owner, although I’m not doing any coding.

We also have a super special guy hiding somewhere that we sometimes bring in to help with really complicated sound stuff. :slight_smile:


First of all, thanks for replying! Always good to see how active you are following discussions here :slight_smile: Regarding the size of the library, the mid-tier memory for an iPhone today is 256GB so I think most will be ok. But I think your suggestion of a “download this pack” option would be great - as long as it will also be available in airplane mode as well! Cheers and thanks for a great app (I come from Reason (since ca. 2002) and don’t open it nearly as often now…).


Dag, another Propellerhead lol. In the same boat more or less, with iOS apps in general being my replacement for desktop DAWs


Download this pack would be very welcome. :+1:



I suspect relatively few Auxy users are using a current iPhone, so YMMV.

I’m using a 64GB iPhone which is rarely full and a 32GB iPadwhich is constantly full.
my preferred device for using Auxy)

In terms of which models are most commonly being used, the model one or two, even three, models ago are often more popular (in more hands) than the latest two (now that Apple has two main iPhone product lines).

e.g. Q2 2018 US…


These numbers don’t surprise at all - I remember going from the iPhone 4 to the 5 and the speed difference was incredibly noticeable. At the time I was playing a lot of XCOM on iOS, and the load times were unbearable. On the 5, twice as fast. Then the 6, same thing, everything just so much faster.

Frankly, if I had thought to just go and get my iPhone 6 serviced for battery replacement, I woulda done that instead of buying the SE. This thing is terrible lol. Typo city! The iPhone 6 definitely was fast enough for what I wanted to do on it.

From 6 to 7 to 8 I just don’t think the speed increases feel as significant. These are powerful devices. I’m getting OT a bit. But anyhoo - yes, download whole pack +1 :slight_smile:


Yes, we need the option to “download this pack”. I would really appreciate if you could add this please.