Doviro - sunrise


Love the drum kit entrance at the beginning

Also why does it say its by Electrex on the cover art and Doviro on the Title of the post

I did a re brand and am to lazy to re upload right now but I will


lol okay

Real NCS vibes lol.

But it is pretty nice. Melodies are really nice. Bass is groovy. Drums are nice and punchy. Mixing/volume does need some work, but can’t really knock you for it since you’re still pretty new to music.

edit: for future reference, you should prolly use an image that doesn’t have a watermark on it lol
Use sites like unsplash for free to use, high quality pictures.

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Thanks, got it!

I’ve heard this before.
Yes, this is awesome.

I am also happy that you fixed Doviro’s problem,

I use this site when I want to get art for one of my songs:

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