Dori Dori - kheeshKP cover [Original + Nightcore]

So yeah I miss the Pokémon XY/XYZ anime, so I made a cover on the third ending theme, Dori Dori Power (Serena’s theme). I also did a nightcore version of my cover.

YouTube link
SoundCloud link

YouTube link
SoundCloud link

Thank you Auxy community! Haha I’ve made so many tracks yet this is only the second one I’ve posted on Disco.


Omg… this is beautiful…
It’s really impressive that you got all note from the song quite right, and put some detailed work… well done! :clap: :clap:

I miss that ending theme…

Thank you so much! #Amourshipping4Ever

Oof Nightcore.

me sonó muy bien.
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