Don't self promote in random topics

Just what the title is. Don’t do it. There’s a topic specifically for that. It’s just annoying, and unrelated to the topics at hand. Just stop.


This has adressed before, but people are still doing it so I’m making sure they see it this time

If anyone is confused about why he would post this topic, its because he keeps seeing me spam myself everywhere😂

Yes please stop it’s unrelated and when I click on a topic I don’t want to be hit with a bunch of links! It’s killing me! Disclaimer it’s not because I don’t like your music its just that it’s the wrong place for self promo


Hey guys check out my new song on soundcloud :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:$;&,$;$,'cirjjdjxjdjdhdbfj

thank guys!


I’m joking, but yeah I agree with aUstin

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At least you didnt call me out by name. Usually when people do things similar to this and not say my name because itd be rude i just own up to it. Im that kinda person ig. Cant lose anything if u have nothing.

If you find posts you think are rude or in the wrong place, you can use the flagging feature, which makes it easier for moderators to find and fix things.


^i was reported for that exact thing :relieved:


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:stuck_out_tongue: it’s a joke lol

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