Don’t wake me up - bed legs remixes?

This is my new track, curious if anybody would want to do remixes for this track and I’ll release them as an album on SoundCloud. Just let me know and I’ll give more info.

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I want to give this a try. Just one thing though. Could you change the sounds to demo sounds for me? (excluding effects and drums).

Same with me

I will give it a shot!

How do I find which sounds are demo sounds? And all the drums and samples are okay to keep?

The sounds are: Climb, Bold Steel, Mascara. Origin, Pebble, Spray, Dirt and Barber

For people who use the demo, a different sound pack like thing shows up above the actual sound packs. Don’t know if it shows up with subscription.

Not visible, thanks though

I did list the demo sound in an above message. Not sure if you saw it.

Yes, having trouble finding bold steel. Not sure if it was a mistake. I have Bold under piano and i also have Gentle,Harmonic, and Synthetic Steel in acoustic guitars.

Sorry I have bold steel

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It’s the third one in Acoustic Guitars.

Never mind😃

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