Does someone want to create a massive collab? [Closed]


The project file?


Idk I’ll do sc link


@joelgarcia on discord or here?


He said to DM


On here?


As in auxy disco




Ok I was checking because I sent him the songs like 10 mins ago


There’s only one spot left!


I tried to dm you but nothing went through I don’t think. But I wanted to join


Check your DMs. There is still one spot left.


A side note to all of you: Make sure all of you consider the time that each user would take to make their part, an assigned amount of time that a user can work on it and focusing on making sure everyone is satisfied with the set instruments used in the project. There was a mega collab here once and it was never finished because one member went inactive and no one decided to speak up and tell the next person to start.

All in all, I’m excited to hear how this turns out! :+1:t3:


Thanks! It’s gonna take a lot of time because we live in different time zones


Thanks for the information, I can’t wait to get stared :slight_smile:


Hey people, so there are no spots left, we are already 10 different producers, but thank you all who wanted to enter, if you want to collab with me someday, just send me a DM, thank you everybody!


I’m glad i got in. A mega collab was something i really wanted to do on this forum.

Here’s an idea for the base project @joelgarcia


We have a discord channel for all that. @The_Osprey

EDIT: But I like where your going with that.


What discord


It’s a private discord for the people inthe mega collab.